Movie Review: Itty Bitty Titty Committee

This was a good movie, with some interesting stuff. 

It was interesting to me to see another perspective and extremes are always fun (the people are categorised as ‘extreme’ feminism, which I think is BS though….). 

The soundtrack was tight, I have now downloaded the Le Tigre album, shit is nice.. and I like predominantly hip-hop. Main female was attractive (lol, can I make this comment about a movie that was about feminism??????) and yeah…. it was interesting.

I would recommend this to anyone, it’s of value for the 89 minutes or whatever it lasts for. Gonna give it a bit of a rating boost (0.5) for being (in my opinion) innovative. 



Movie Review: The Art Of Getting By

This was definitely above average movie, verging around the good level. So many movies are shit though, that the ‘good’ level is around a 7.

The movie was about a pessimistic high school senior, who slacked at school and was a loner, who met a girl who changed the way he thought and viewed himself. Sounds super lame, but….. it wasn’t.

Par some minor cheese scenes, this was good. 



Movie Review: Boys Don’t Cry

THIS is a good movie. Wow… shit. Recommend to anyone. You got stuff like this, released in 1999, that is overlooked by my generation, yet you got a bunch of people watching BS like ‘Ted’, which it makes me mad even referring to… Soundtrack to this movie even was killer, I’m close to rating it at 9, but I don’t think that’s achievable on first watch.



Movie Review: Welcome to the Rileys

This was definitely an above average movie, but it was the on the lower/middle level of good. Husband and wife had a daughter who was fifteen, she died in a car accident, they never really have got over it. Their relationship is real shitty after their daughter’s death. Husband meets prostitute on business trip and unofficially adopts her as his daughter. 

I really liked the female actor who played the daughter, Kristen Stewart, who, oh no, was in Twilight noooooooooooooooooooooo. Oh well, I guess I can’t go back on that now…………………………………………………………

The movie lacked a depth or something, like I could have written the dialogue for this movie if I was given the plot (side note: I have no experience as a prostitute, or 50 year old-ish husband and wife who’s daughter died). Considering how in ‘indie’ films, dialogue is a large percent, this is disappointing.

Overall, I may watch again, but not for a long ass time.



Movie Review: We Need To Talk About Kevin

Weird… This movie was kinda.. There was a good speech in there, which pushed me to watch the movie on the trailer, but that was easily the best part.

The movie was about… a family, consisting (for the majority of the film, before their daughter was born) of a father, mother and son. The mother has issues with connecting with the son, which leads to him having ‘issues’. 

Overall, I wouldn’t watch this again, it was defo leaning towards ass.



Movie Review: Please Give

Hard to explain… or so easy that it’s hard. The movie was cool, yet kinda boring at the same time. Movies which are in the ‘indie’ category often try too hard to be uneventful, presumably to focus on the characters more, however I disagree that both eventful ‘things’ and in-depth characters can’t be developed together (in a movie). 

Throughout the movie, a ‘middle-aged’ mother and father (with a teenage daughter), two sisters and a grandmother (who they looked after) had their lives followed in the movie, as it showed generally what they did and interactions between them (the grandmother lived in the same apartment complex as the family). 

I liked how the characters were portrayed and could identify what several of them were feeling. They were portrayals of people that would not be portrayed usually, which was cool.  Overall, I would say it was quite good, above average, unsure on whether I would watch again though, or maybe I would, but no time soon (slightly harsh, don’t be put off by this!!).



Movie Review: Office Space

This was ass. I liked the main actor, who I don’t think I’ve seen before, Ron Livingston. Excluding him, this was shit. It was a dumb movie. The movie was dead and warrants no greater analysis. 



Movie Review: The Jonses

Wow… This movie given me thoughts to think deeply about… 

The movie was about a group of four people were put together to act like a family, to use products (as a form of marketing), encouraging other people to purchase them. They didn’t sell the products, they just promoted them. For example, the father of the ‘family’ used Mizuno golf equipment, if the sales increased of Mizuno golf gear, it would reflect positively on him and he would be accredited with some of the sales.

The four people were marketed as the perfect family. Other people were envious of what they had, so they bought the same items. Don’t want to explain too much, as it would make the movie less interesting, but it’s a really good idea and gives you a lot to think about, which you probably won’t have thought about previously. 

How well the movie was executed was near to as good as possible. However, I whore over action and futuristic/hi-tech shit and it had no crazy fight scenes or much hi-tech shit (that interested me). I definitely would recommend the movie and re-watch it though.



Movie Review: Head of State

I fuck with Chris Rock, so I was like aight… I’ll record and watch this some time I’m bored as hell. I had low expectations, which were met lol… It was obvious what was going to happen before shit happened.. What made it really bad though was that although the plot was so obvious and simple, very little of the movie was entertaining or funny. There were some bits that were funny, but it was only some…. and it in no way compensated for the boringness and flatness of the movie throughout the other 95% of it. The humorous part(s?) occurred when Chris Rock was delivering in a stand-up style. Overall, I would not watch this again. I do fuck with Chris Rock though, dude is extremely funny, movie was just ass.



Movie Review: The Rules of Attraction

This movie was…. good. It’s vastly different from the usual shit you see at the cinemas. It follows a week in the lives of three college students, who all are attracted to somebody who isn’t attracted to them. Sounds boring, but it was released in 2002 and is really impressive. There isn’t much else to say really.. Van Der Beek is one of the three main characters and is a total boss. Some very good scenes and the characters are unique and strong. Would watch this again in the future.



Movie Review: Formosa Betrayed

This was an interesting movie. I don’t label many things interesting… this was interesting! A movie about an FBI agent investigating the death of a Taiwanese US citizen in Taiwan, who discovers corruption in Taiwan as the investigation develops. It was surprising to see how shit is was in Taiwan and presumably still is. If Taiwan declare their independence, China have 1,000 missiles aimed and ready to fire… The movie moved very slowly and could be a lot shorter, there were sizable periods when nothing (worth watching) happened. 



Movie Review: Malone

This movie was niiiiiice!!!! It was only slightly flat at times, testing my ability to concentrate and not distract myself with my laptop. It’s an action movie, about a person who used to work for the US, retired (without permission), becomes embroiled in millionaire’s scheme to buy a town and spread his views on patriotism… That doesn’t make much sense (it didn’t on the information tab provided by my TV), BUT it’s worth watching. It kinda makes sense. Still unsure what the millionaire wanted to do lol…. 

There are some really good action scenes, albeit highly unrealistic, which made them very humorous, but that added to how good and fun they were.

7/10 (would be 6.5, but was an old movie, so that debility adds 0.5 to the rating). 


Movie Review: Super

Shit was alright. Like, if you’re bored as fuck (as I am every night..), it will pass 90 minutes of time. Some cool scenes. Normal dude tries to be a superhero. Kinda movie idea is being overdone the fuck out of. Was executed okay. Bubs from The Wire had a minor part, that was probably my favorite bit. Girl from Juno was was a main character, she’s attractive to me, so that was a plus. Had a nice song in there, will reblog, kinda Drive theme tune-esque.